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Like to earn an average of $500 per hour by playing the pokies?


I bet this is the most amazing thing you have ever heard.  When you learn my simple techniques you will make money instead of losing it. 


The more playing hours you put in the more money you make.  A number of couples who are using my techniques and working full time as professional poker machine / slot players, are making up to $150,000 per couple per year.  Other couples who choose to only play in their spare time are making $20,000 to $80,000 per year. 


How do I know?


Twenty years ago when I started applying my secret formulas, in my first year of playing poker machine jackpots and starting with only $500, I won $400,000 net profit from cash jackpots and luxury cars. I have been playing the pokies / slots ever since and my profits are now in the $millions.
This is amazing, but true. If you have any questions, please don’t heisitate to CONTACT ME or go to COURSE CONTENTS or FAQs for more information.

You will not win every time you play, but because you will only ever bet when the odds are in your favour, when you use my techniques, you can now be as sure of winning over the longer term as you used to be of losing.

In the twenty years that I have been playing pokies / slots, I have never had a losing year and rarely a losing month.

There has never been a better time than now to earn an income from the pokies / slots.  Thousands of new beatable machines have been installed throughout North American, Australasia and Asia in the past six months.  Do not miss this opportunity.  After you learn when to play these jackpots they can become your profitable hobby or business.

If you have ANY questions at all, please don’t hesitate to CONTACT ME. All questions will be cheerfully answered with no obligation on you. 

CAUTION:  Professional poker machine play is an exact science that requires a combination of knowledge and discipline.  Indiscriminate poker machine play can be harmful to your finances and relationships.  If gambling is a problem for you, contact your local gambling aid agency.




Victoria | New South Wales | Queensland | South Australia | Western Australia | Tasmania | New Zealand


Competition between Tattersall’s and Tabaret mean that there will be some very generous jackpots in the pubs and clubs in your local area.  Once you learn WHEN to play those jackpots they will become a profitable hobby when they used to be an expensive one.
With over 250 gaming venues in the State there will be many venues where the jackpots are over the odds, and can be playable each day. The more jackpots you play, the more money you make. Many couples who use my winning techniques, and monitor jackpots over several suburbs are making up to $150,000 a year. A number of couples who started with very little are now millionaires.

New South Wales
With 100,000 poker machines in 1260 clubs and pubs, New South Wales has 10% of the world’s total machines. For you, this spells o-p-p-o-r-t-u-n-i-t-y. Jackpots galore for you to choose, from Star City Casino, all of the League and other Clubs, and right down to your corner pub. I promise you that after you learn my secrets will never again walk into a club or pub without looking at the linked jackpots and doing a quick calculation to see whether they are over the odds and therefore playable.

Queensland now has 41,613 poker machines, and the clubs and hotels are now starting to compete offering linked jackpots that will get bigger as competition intensifies. Unfortunately, their mystery jackpots are not capped, and unless you plan to play the pokies south of the border, it is difficult to get an advantage in this State.

South Australia
South Australia has 12,581 poker machines in 600 gaming venues. Although the jackpots are generally not as high as the other states, your profit expectation (10% on turnover) is still the same. There are some very attractive jackpots in the Sky City Casino.

Western Australia
Poker machines are only available in the Burswood Casino. These are mainly linked to progressive jackpots which tend to be larger than the mystery jackpots found in the Eastern States. I have won several jackpots here worth over $300,000 each.

Tasmania has 2,400 machines with two casinos providing extra earning opportunities.

New Zealand
New Zealand has 24,500 poker machines, but also has the most generous jackpots in the world. There are excellent earning opportunities right around the country as all pubs seem to have the $1,000 mystery jackpots. Sky City Casino, Auckland has the best jackpots I have ever come across anywhere in the world. Jackpots are big, fast and reach the “hit zone” often.

A number of couples are making in excess of $200,000 per year in various parts of the country playing the poker machine linked jackpots.