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Course contents

You have the choice of completing the course over three full days, or two full days and an evening if that suits your work schedule better.  The course includes a visit to a club, pub or casino of your choice to demonstrate the simple, yet powerful secrets that can turn the humble poker machine / slot into an earner for you.

Details of the three day course are:

Session One: HOW DOES THIS SYSTEM WORK?  Understanding how playing poker machine linked jackpots will return you over $500 per hour on average.

Session Two: PLAYING MYSTERY PROGRESSIVE JACKPOTS:  These linked jackpots are the easiest to exploit. Learn the secret formula that lets you know when to hit the jackpots that will earn you $500 per hour.

Session Three: PLAYING STANDARD PROGRESSIVE JACKPOTS:  Usually larger jackpots with greater profit potential, but slower to reach the playable levels. Learn the special progressive jackpot formula so that you can earn from these jackpots as well.

Session Four: PLAYING MULTI LEVEL JACKPOTS:  Learn how to calculate and combine the benefits of each level of jackpot so that you know when you have the advantage and can start playing.

VISIT TO A GAMING VENUE for a practical demonstration of principles learned in sessions one to four.

Session Five: LOCATING THE VENUES WITH THE BEST JACKPOTS:  In Australia, North America and Asia, there are hundreds casinos, pubs and clubs with poker machine linked jackpots that you can make you money.  Learn which venues provide you with the best earning potential.

Session Six: CALCULATING YOUR EARNING POTENTIAL:  Your earning potential will be a factor of the number of linked jackpots you monitor, and the size of the jackpots.  From this information you can calculate your annual expected income.

Session Seven: SELECTING YOUR POKER MACHINE / SLOT:  Once the linked jackpot has reached the level where the odds are in your favour, you want to maximise your chance of winning the jackpot. You will learn which poker machines will give you the better chance to win the jackpot.

Session Eight: SECURING YOUR INCOME FUTURE:  Maintaining your earning capacity requires that you keep good relationships with other customers and venue staff, despite you winning most of the jackpots when they are high.

VISIT TO A GAMING VENUE for a practical demonstration of principles learned in sessions five to eight.

NOTE: Course attendees will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement promising not to disclose the formulas and information learned to other members of the public.