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Advantages of Playing Poker machine linked jackpots

Extraordinary high returns
Average return 10% per bet.  On a $5 bet, this translates into 50 cents profit per push, $8.50 per playing minute (in the winning zone) and $500 per hour.

Low risk
With such high returns, not only do you recover your capital very quickly, but you can make many hundreds of times your initial investment every year.

Low start up capital
$500 can get you on your way to your first $million.

Easy to learn
My formulas are amazingly simple to learn. You are ready for action the minute you complete the course.

Easy to play
You now know how high the jackpot needs to be before the odds are in your favour. You just wait, then play.

Principles apply world wide
Travel the world making money wherever there are gaming venues with poker machines.

Legal and you do not break casino rules.
No casino rule prevents you from playing a poker machine. However, some venues do restrict the number of people who can play together when a jackpot is high.

Tax free
Earnings from gaming are tax free in Australia and New Zealand, but jackpots over $1200 are taxable in the United States.

No red tape

No leases, stock, debtors, creditors, employees or Government forms to fill out.

Imagine walking into a casino anywhere in the world knowing that you are the only person there who knows how to exploit the opportunities when jackpots rise above the odds.


Professional Gambling   -   Comparison

Blackjack – card counting Poker machine/slot linked jackpots




Start up capital

Require several $ thousands

Require several $hundreds


Very high


Casino rules

Not permitted



Casinos only

Pubs, clubs and casinos

Profit returns (average)

+1% per play

+10% per play


If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to CONTACT ME.

CAUTION:  Professional poker machine play is an exact science that requires a combination of knowledge and discipline.  Indiscriminate poker machine play can be harmful to your finances and relationships.  If gambling is a problem for you, contact your local gambling aid agency.