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About the “Pokie King”

Watch Peter as he explains how you can learn how to play and win

Peter Liston, otherwise known as “the Pokie King” is regarded as the world’s foremost authority on playing poker machines / slots as a business. Peter’s background is as an Accountant and a Teacher and is a member of Australian Mensa. When the Crown Casino opened in 1994,Peter created a number of formulas that enabled him to work out the percentage value of every linked jackpot in the casino so that he could match that value with the known loss on the poker machine / slots and find out which jackpots were beatable. 

Using only $500 as starting capital Peter turned this into millions of dollars from playing the pokies / slots, playing in casinos, clubs and hotels in Australia,  New Zealand, USA, Canada, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Macau for the past twenty years. Peter appeared on the ZKK British Television documentary “The World’s Greatest Gambling Schemes” as THE person in the world who learned how to beat the pokies / slots. He also appeared on “Today Tonight” described as a “Mathematical Genius”.

Peter was a keynote speaker at the 8th Annual World Game Protection Conference in Las Vegas on Feb 26th 2013 addressing 400 casino managers, surveillance managers and regulators.There would be no other person in the world better able to teach you how play the pokies / slots as a business or as a profitable hobby.To learn these amazing secrets and techniques directly from Peter, CONTACT ME preferably by dropping me a line at