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Welcome to Poker Machine School

Are you tired of losing on the pokies (slots) - hoping for a win, but usually finishing up as the happy loser?

Would you like to learn the secrets that have enabled the Pokie King, Peter Liston to turn $500 into millions by knowing when to play the pokies (slots) you see at your local pub, club or casino?

Would you like to let the world’s leading poker machine (slot) expert teach and demonstrate to you, how you can find an edge over any casino or gaming venue in the world where there are poker machines (slots) and linked jackpots? You need never bet below the odds again.

NOTE:   POKER MACHINES  is the Down Under term for   SLOTS   They mean the same thing.



Hi. My name is Peter Liston, otherwise known as the POKIE KING. I have been playing poker machines / slots for twenty years AS A BUSINESS, starting with only $500 capital. If you would also like to learn how to play the poker machines as a business, there is no other person on this planet with as much KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE as the POKIE KING, to get you started and keep you winning . I will teach you to know when a poker machine / slot linked jackpot is due to go off.

By only playing the poker machines / slots when YOU have the ADVANTAGE, you can be as certain of WINNING on the pokies / slots as regular players are of LOSING. Please CONTACT ME with any queries you may have, or arrange for a FREE CONSULTATION. There will be no obligation or pressure – just answers to your questions, so go ahead and send me an email at

I COME TO YOU!¬† Wherever you live in the world, at no extra cost to you.¬† I will teach you in your local casinos, pubs or clubs, be it Sydney, Auckland, Toronto, Connecticut, Vegas, Manila, Macau or Kuala Lumpa.¬† It doesn’t matter the location of the pokies / slots, THEY ARE ALL BEATABLE!


1.  Extraordinary high returns:  Average return is 10% of your bet, which at full bet ($10) will return you $1,000 per playing hour. On average you will earn $2 worth of jackpots for every $1 loss on the poker machines.

2.  Low risk: With such high returns, not only do you recover your capital very quickly, but you can make many hundreds of times your initial investment every year.

3.  Low start up capital:  $500 could get you on your way to your first $million.

4.  Easy to learn:   My formulas are amazingly simple to learn, and open up a world of opportunity. You have a full backup support to reassure you for as long as you require it.

5.  Easy to play:   You now know when the jackpot is due to go off. You just wait, then play. 

6.  Principles apply world wide:   Travel the world making money wherever there are gaming venues with poker machines / slots.

7.  Legal and you do not break casino rules:  No casino rule prevents you from playing a poker machine / slots. However, some venues do restrict the number of people who can play together when a jackpot is high.

8.  Tax free: Earnings from gaming are tax free in Asia and Australasia, which means that your earnings are almost double the value of the equivalent pre-tax earnings. Winnings over $1,200 must be reported in the US.

9.  No red tape:  No leases, stock, debtors, creditors, employees and Government forms to fill out.

10.  Exciting:  Imagine walking into a casino anywhere in the world knowing that you are the only person there who knows how to win on the pokies / slots.


RESPONSIBLE GAMING POLICY The purpose of POKER MACHINE SCHOOL is to teach the regular player the mathematics of the poker machine and the linked jackpot giving the player CONTROL through KNOWLEDGE. When the player knows his advantage or disadvantage, he then has the choice of only playing when he is above the odds. POKER MACHINE SCHOOL does not wish to promote the use of gaming machines and accordingly, WILL NOT take on as a student, any person who is under the age of 18. CAUTION: Professional poker machine play is an exact science that requires a combination of knowledge and discipline. Indiscriminate poker machine play can be harmful to your finances and relationships. If gambling is a problem for you, contact your local gambling aid agency.